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Real Estate Appraisal License

After passing an Appraiser exam, the newfound appraiser must work for two years as a trainee and complete at least 200 appraisals. After this, he or she is allowed to take the final exam to acquire an Appraisal license. Many of his previous appraisals are submitted to a board of directors for review before receiving an Appraisal License.

Big Easy Real Estate Appraisal Insurance

Big Easy Real Estate Appraisal is fully Insured.

Real Estate Appraisal Companies sometimes Work with Trainees and Inexperienced Appraisal Agents.

Whitney Rodrigue has nearly two decades of licensed real estate appraisal experience. It's the many years he's put into the appraisal industry that proves his caliber and high standard of ethics.

Why Big Easy Real Estate Appraisal?

With nearly two Decades of Licensed Appraisal Experience and an Integral Professional Team, we can tackle the most complex real estate evaluations and appraisals on the Market.