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Proudly Serving Greater New Orleans and Surrounding Parishes.
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What We Do

Destination Travel

While serving parishes in South Eastern Louisiana, we are obliged to travel to the specified location to discern properly and conclude on the final, legal results of our appraisals. We make an effort to personally visit and inspect each property and the locale and the surrounding environment.

Local Real Estate Research

When conducting an appraisal, we focus on what the property's local environment entails. The location of a property and its surroundings is an essential part of determining the home's value. The locality is just one of the many aspects of determining real value.

House inspection & Measurements

A real estate appraiser is not a home or housing inspector. Still, he has to personally visit the property, take measurements and photos, view the state or condition of the property, and accommodate all the pluses and minuses before making an accurate evaluation.

Camparable Estimates & Value Exanimation

In developing a proper appraisal for your property, the real estate is evaluated to comparable properties that were recently sold or purchased with the adjacent area. After getting all the facts and details regarding your home, we research properties of similar value or dynamics near your location. By carefully comparing your home to the sales of others within a specific time frame and proximity, we can better establish a correct estimate of the property's value.

Create Legal Appraisal Document

Appraisals are an essential part of the home buying process. A real estate appraisal establishes a property's market value – the likely sales price it would bring if offered in an open and competitive real estate market. Lenders require appraisals when buyers use their new homes as security for their mortgages. Appraisals are legal documents, created by licensed, professional real estate appraisers. They are used in home transactions, banking or mortgage negotiations, divorce settlements, tax concerns, estate sales or valuations, or any purpose in which you may apply them by law.

Support for Clients with Banks and Realtors

Big Easy Appraisal works with a variety of banks, realtors, and mortgage companies to develop an appraisal. We can also work with individual property owners to assist you in your real estate valuations for buying, selling, refinancing, property taxes, and other financial matters concerning your residential property.

Our Guarantee

I, Whitney Rodrigue, will stand behind my appraisal work and can help you in representation in legal matters if you need assistance for proof of legitimacy or true value of an appraisal performed by myself. You can utilize our appraisal assessment to assist in real estate transactions, taxes, mortgages, court-related procedures that involve property or financial matters of thus said property. My appraisals are a legal document, and my valuations are accurate and non-biased.