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An appraiser provides a professional, unbiased assessment of market value, often in a real estate sale. Appraisers exhibit their expert conclusions in appraisal reports.

Daily Real Estate Market Research

Big Easy Appraisal is often involved in daily real estate research, especially since it's a big part of our job. We analyze the market, recent buys, and sales, values of comparable homes, the potential for future prosperity or deflation, and take a close look at what the market is doing and where it may lead.

Personally Work with Mortgage Companies and Banks

Mortgage companies, banks, lenders, and real estate agents often choose an appraiser that they feel is qualified, doesn't make errors, is trustworthy, and diligent in determining the value of your property. We have developed a good repour with buys and sellers, real estate agents, banks, and mortgage firms.

Inspect the Property

A real estate appraiser is not a housing inspector. Still, part of the job is to inspect the property firsthand and on-site to document the features of your real estate and the locale. The real estate appraiser will consider any housing inspection in his or her job to create an accurate appraisal.

Fast Processing

Time is of the essence in the real estate industry. Getting a timely appraisal done professionally can assist you in moving forward with your real estate transactions. Big Easy Appraisal takes the time to get the job done correctly, but we also understand the need for expediency.

Legitimate and Insured Home Appraisal

Licensed real estate appraisers are the only qualified people by law to produce a fair appraisal for your home, estate, or property. Real Estate agents and others in the industry can give you a ballpark estimate. Still, a legal appraisal is necessary when borrowing, buying, or selling.

Follow Up

If you have questions or concerns regarding our final appraisal, we are happy to walk you through the details to explain the logic behind the process of the assessment as well as the value placed on your home. It helps to have a knowledgeable, expert appraiser on your side to best understand everything that goes into securing a quality value for your home.

A Professional real estate appraisal can assist both buyers and sellers of real estate property.

Need to know the value of a property before you buy or sell? Need to understand much how much Equity you have in your home and the real market value? You might want to give us a call for professional expertise and some legal documents to help with your real estate transactions.

Why Big Easy Real Estate Appraisal?

With nearly 2 Decades of Licensed Appraisal Experience and an Integral Professional Team, We Can Tackle the Most Complex Real Estate Evaluations and Appraisals on the Market.